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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lesson 1: Time

Do not you think that you are blind? 
that I am a fool? leading the blind, leading the fool?

We were given breaths to spend on living, looking for life, making the best of it. Yet we do not know what life itself is and so given were 'time' for us to mark our existence, in a strange planet amongst non. 

Born naked of knowledge (only sin), we were handed freedom. But the day that we were named, marked, ID-ed, given a chosen religion to believe in, is the day where our freedom is taken away. Redeeming it as we grow up, the more it was buried deep by the understandings told and given by force for us to accept. We never know what was told to our cognition is truly right or wrong, and there was no validity to what even define what 'true' or 'truly' means. There was no definite answer to this life as we seek, not even time, not even its concept.

Time was created as a marking of our paths, giving our journeys dates and years, hours and seconds for us to measure life itself -human existence, without seeing the bigger picture, only time. We focus on our watch, worrying about missing the next bus going home, or waiting for the mall to open at 10 am. Time worries us, cheers us, resuscitate death, and even kills pain (or kills joy?). 

"Permanent hair colouring", "Permanent tattoo", permanent this and permanent that, is a lie. The fool leading the blind. What is permanent? Or how long is it? As permanent as it seems, is a definite temporariness itself. Because time is abstract, even in this world time has zones that applies differently between Indonesia and The States. And why is that? Science explained it is due to zones located so far away from each other letting the sun and moon chase off tails, creating an illusion of time difference. 

Nevertheless, life is given and breaths were spent to pay the temporary life we're gifted. But remember that forever is even a part of being temporary. And that's sad, because one day time with you will end. And that people come and go in such short time, in a blink you may decide to leave a home you built in someone's heart. And that's sad, because one day the home once built will be left empty. 

To once again open up the door for someone else, 
another job, 
another life, or
another love,
time becomes a shield to you and i, for our hearts to recover.

Another home built and abandoned, that's what temporary is. Forever is probably a long time, but not a promise to stay. So I tell you to stop looking at the time, and start thinking bigger without time as a company. Be content in the now, be blessed with each temporariness. Sometimes the glass is not half empty, it's half full, and that 'temporary' is temporarily amazing, and temporarily horrible. Let you define your life, not time, not anybody but you. Be your own source of happiness, and create a home within yourself. 

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