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Currently seeking therapy through literature. Wrote a novel once, Eccedentesiast (2013), and will proceed on writing casually. Don't take these writings seriously, don't let it question yourself.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


You shall fear not, 
for I have and will always be with you.
I am the air you breathe, 
I am the water you drink,
I am the soil you step on,
Fear not,
I have and will always be your tail.

I am a pneultimate promise,
that has never been broken through generations.
I am not the end, but 
I am a new beginning -for some.

I am invicible, 
I am power,
I am faith.

You shan't wait for me,
For I know best of time and punctuality.
I will come by your command,
But best I come naturally.
You shan't wait for me,
For His commands are suddens.

I will not forget you,
Not each and anyone of you.
So you should not be affraid 
Of being forgotten.
Because I do not forget, 
I do not mercy,
I do not give.

I am invicible,
I am power,
I am death

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