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Friday, February 22, 2013

A Night to Remember

I have walked through time, going further and further away from the night where I have found love at sight. 

I might swear to God that tonight, Time has gracefully painted the dark sky with a glimpse of romance spices through the illuminating moon's halo and the dancing stars. The clouds were like stage curtains, blinding these human eyes to the show. Until the wind oozes and shoed away the clouds, that's when the real show began. The melodies of trees swaying and waltzing here and there, were like flutes whistling softly to the ear amongst the silence of the night. Then there was I, sitting amidst the neatly trimmed grass in the middle of no where and all alone. I was enjoying the picturesque moment, cherishing every second waiting. Waiting for... ? I question marked myself. 

My thoughts revolves around the painting of the night sky, astonished by the beauty of every single edge of the world that I see at sight. From where I come from, in this part of the world, I have never expected for such charm. I have always loved the sky's view at night and I can't reminisce one night like this. To widely look at the sky, makes me so much closer to feeling the power of infinite, makes me realize how large the universe is and how small I am comparing to everything. 

The day turned out bad, I have lost what I have wished to win. The effort that was counted and appreciated by people but not myself. And I wonder why I did what I do. Also, I have seen people whom I loved come and go that easily through the doors of possibilities in life, they have given me so many experience and a roller coaster ride that forever will be memorized. Emotions were boiling inside as if it's about to flood off the heart soon. I lay on the grass out of tiredness of holding what's repressed inside. I can clearly see the sky now and stupidly looking for it's end. The wind blew a little bit harder and pushed away the slight pieces of clouds that were left behind by their friends. This was the last view I saw until I closed my eyes and bursted out. I have failed to stay on track in Faith and Hope nor in believing in what Time can bring and how Time can change. 

I have forgotten how much of His grace that He has given me today. I have forgotten to be thankful today for what I have achieved and what I have lost. Because no matter what sorrow that comes, it is always a lesson in life. I now remember how it felt like when I'm in the state of being grateful. Accepting the bitter sweet reality of winning and loosing things in life, people, loved ones. The unlimited sky have showed me the vivid figure of unlimited possibilities that life have. Along with the romantic scenery, the calm and holly lights of the shining moon and glittering stars, I have managed to tame back these emotions and came back being my normal self. 

I was walking the distance, going further and further away from this night where I found love at sight. I no longer question myself. What I have been waiting for was the presence of gratefulness and now I have it back. That's the only key to being happy. 

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